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At the Australian International College (AIC), we are dedicated to providing exceptional educational experiences that empower students to excel academically, socially, and personally.

Established in 2016, AIC has a rich history of academic excellence and cultural diversity. Located in the heart of New South Wales, our institution serves as a beacon of educational opportunity for students from across the globe.

At Australian International College, we believe that to work with food, you must love and appreciate food. Additionally, we are deeply committed to the idea that effective teaching requires a passion that can ignite the same enthusiasm in others.

Principal Education Officer

Hospitality is a highly interesting and challenging industry in which to work. Hospitality offers a wide range of career opportunities and an endless variety of places to work including restaurants, bars, hotels, airlines, cruise ships and event management.


To work in the hospitality industry, you need to enjoy helping others, making your guests feel welcome and special while also ensuring that they enjoy their time with you and depart with a memorable experience that will encourage them to return.
Hotels, resorts, cruise ships, airlines, restaurants and many of the related service sector industries continue to look for qualified, multi-skilled future hospitality professionals. The tourism sector continues to grow not only in Australia, but also around the globe. Tremendous opportunities are available for young people to develop their careers in the Hospitality Industry. The Hospitality Industry is all about passion; a passion for creating an enjoyable environment for customers, a passion for customer service, a passion for working with others, a passion for food.


Australian International College instils this industry passion in its students by using highly skilled, experienced hospitality industry professionals who are experts in their fields of the culinary arts and hospitality delivery services. Our teachers not only have extensive training experience, but also have operated their own restaurants where they have made names for themselves as top-class chefs.


Australian International College has extensive contacts in the Sydney-based hospitality industry through its association with the Thai Restaurant Association which represents over 500 establishments in the Sydney-metro area. This extensive industry contact allow us to remain informed about the skills sets needed by cookery and hospitality professionals so that our students complete their studies fully equipped with the abilities to work in a fast-paced, multicultural hospitality environment.


Dr.Stephen Rainer
PEO, Australian International College

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