Refund Policy and Procedures

Refunds will be made based on the type of defaut:

  1. Student defaults
  2. Provider defaults
  3. Visa refusal

Please refer to Student Information Handbook in the website for details of the amounts of refund and procedures. 

Process for Claiming a Refund

 Refund application requests must be made in writing to the student services or accounts on the student Refund Request Form (available from Reception and on the website) together with documented evidence of the reason for withdrawal. Eligible refunds will be refunded within 28 days of receipt of the claim. 

All refunds will include a statement explaining how the refund amount was calculated.

This refund policy does not remove students’ rights to take further action under the Australian Consumer Protection Laws.

Refunds given will be recorded in the College accounting system so that each student’s financial status is known.