Transfer Policy

In accordance with the National Code of Practice 2018, overseas students are restricted from transferring from their principal course of study for a period of six months unless provided evidence that they have been released by their provider in PRISMS. This restriction also applies to any course(s) packaged with their principal course of study. Principle course of study is defined as the final course of study to be undertaken by an overseas student where a student visa has been issued for multiple courses of study.

Australian International College assesses all transfer requests individually based on the claims and evidence provided. Transfer requests might only be granted under limited conditions.

How to request for transfer

  • Please fill out ‘Course Variation Form’ which can be downloaded from the website or acquired from the student services.
  • Sign the form and submit it to student services or email it to with required attachments and evidence.
  • You will hear from us regarding the outcome of your request.
  • If you are not satisfied with our decision, you can appeal to the decision through Appeals and Complaints process.