The College has a complaints and appeals procedure to provide students with a fair and equitable process for resolving any complaints or appeals they may have. The complaints and appeals procedure includes a requirement that an independent mediator will be appointed if the student is dissatisfied with the process undertaken by the College.

            Complaints are to be recorded on a Complaint Form and are entered into our corrective action database.

A complaint may be about:

  • Your trainer
  • A staff member
  • Another student
  • You have experienced bullying or inappropriate behaviour
  • An incident that has occurred
  • College facilities
  • Personal matters
  • An assessment result or the conduct of an assessment

            The College has a complaint escalation process and requests that before making a complaint, you discuss any class matters with your trainer first.

            If you have any concerns about your assessment results, please discuss these with your trainer during the term or with Student Services if the term has already finished to find out if you can get an Assessment Appeal.

            If your trainer is unable to resolve the issue or you have a complaint about your trainer or another student or an issue unrelated to your class, please see Student Services for assistance.

            If the matter is unable to be resolved by Student Services, and you wish to make a formal complaint, Student Services will give you a Complaint Form and assist you to complete it. The College will acknowledge your complaint within 5 working days and attempt to resolve the matter within 21 working days but no longer than 60 calendar days. Should it take longer than this, we will advise you in writing.

            You may appeal the decision reached by the College with 5 working days if you do not agree. The College will review the original decision and respond with 5-10 working days.

Assessing and responding to the internal complaint:

    1. Once the complaint has been lodged, the complaint will be discussed in the weekly management meeting or in the office amongst the Principal, Course Coordinator, and/ or any relevant staff members.
    2. Each appeal is heard by a person or panel independent of the complainant.
    3. The Principal or Student Service Manager will give the student a written statement of the outcome and invite the student to arrange a meeting should they wish to discuss the complaint further.
    4. In some circumstances a meeting will be arranged with AIC and the said complainant before a written outcome is issued to the student. This is based on the extent of the complaint/appeal. (The complainant may be accompanied by a support person at any time during meetings).
    5. If the complaint is substantiated and favours the student the Principal and Student Service Manager will inform the parties involved via written correspondence and implement the necessary action/changes as soon as practicable
    6. If the complaint is unsubstantiated and favours the college the Principal or Student Service Manager will inform the parties involved via written correspondence. The student will be given a copy of the complaints and appeals process regarding external parties involved, the student has 20 working days in which to access this system.
    7. All complaints will be scanned and saved in the student’s folder and the Complaints and Appeals Folder
    8. All correspondence will be entered into the student database.

College Contact

Contact the College Administrator for assistance if you have any difficulties with your course, study requirements or assessment
            Phone: 02 9264 0073                                    Fax: TBA

Making complaints and getting help

If you are an international student and you cannot resolve your complaint, you can approach the Overseas Students Ombudsman. Visit the website of the Overseas Students Ombudsman for more information about what they do and how they help students at

            If you are a domestic student and you cannot resolve your complaint, you can register a complaint with the Department of Education & Training’s National Training Complaints Hotline by:

Phone: 13 38 73, Monday–Friday, 8am to 6pm nationally.

            The National Training Complaints Hotline will not investigate complaints but will forward complaints to the most appropriate agency, authority or jurisdiction for consideration.