Student Services

Student Services offers Australian International College students, client-focused services and programs that complement your educational experience and promote your integration into the Sydney community.

You are our clients and if you are not satisfied with the services we provide to you, then we will not be successful as an education provider to international students.

At its simplest, we are here to listen to your needs and deliver on them if we possibly can. We recognise the difficultly of not just settling in to a new study environment but also into a new community and what can be a new way of life for you.


24 hours Student Emergency Contact:

Mr. Marko Malivong

Telephone: 02 92640073

Mobile: 043-0299923



If you have accidents and/or critical incident, you can contact the PEO on his mobile number for emergency intervention.


VET Co-ordinator

Name: Mr. Jorge Chacon

Tel: 02 92640073



The VET Co-ordinator is available to assist you with your studies and ensure that all students receive the support they need. Please see the VET Co-ordinator if you have problems, questions of need information regarding:


  • Timetable, registration in subject units
  • Appointments with your trainers
  • Assessment reports, course dates etc.
  • Study plans
  • Concerns regarding course
  • Attendance
  • Study Activities
  • Methods to improve specific vocational skills
  • General study queries about the program as a whole, academic regulations, difficulties with study, decisions to defer from study
  • Complaints and Appeals


Student Service Department

Telephone: 02 92640073



The Registrar is available for assistance with:

  • Application and payment for VET programs
  • Enrolment & Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE)
  • Health care, insurance problems
  • Student cards
  • Visa matters
  • Accommodation and home stay issues and change of address (postal address, email address, mobile, telephone, in Australia and home country)


Academic Skills Assistance

Ms. Deanna Lea – Academic Manager
Telephone: 02 92640073


The Academic Skills Adviser is available to help you improve your study skills such as:

  • Time management
  • Effective reading and note taking
  • Making presentations


Please see your class trainer/ teacher for Information regarding:

  • Class assignments and exams
  • Course work and study requirements
  • End of term results



Ms. Deanna Lea – Academic Manager
Telephone: 02 92640073


If you have problems with relationships, home-sickness, gambling, depression, relationship issue and illness, Dr.Rainer is available to assist you.